Back on the road to IVF

I have been a bit quiet for the last 6 weeks, but nothing much to report as I was on the pill as the first part of the E2 Priming Protocol.

I went back to Vitalab for a scan last week, and everything looks good to go to proceed.

On Tuesday I started with Lucrin injections, and already I feel more emotional 😦



Hubby and I have decided that being in the middle of scans, injections etc, we’ll have to cancel our Easter weekend away unfortunately. Also, should I get Malaria for any reason, this process will be delayed by at least 6 months, which is not ideal as we need to deal with my infertility aggressively.

We did however spend an amazing weekend in Cape Town for a friend’s wedding at the beautiful wine farm called Rickety Bridge. What a lovely wedding and couple!




Anyways, back to reality and need to get all meds in and hopefully doing the E2 Priming Protocol will get me to respond better.

If all goes well, the transfer will happen between the 3rd and 5th May.

Holding Thumbs!




1st Cycle abandoned

The scans today confirmed that I’m not responding to the Menopur.

Fertility specialist decided to abandon this cycle.

Basically I’m not producing many follicles, so they decide we should stop now 1) before we lose any more money and 2) go through with this cycle only to be disappointed when it’s not successful.

He advises we go a different route, namely Estrogen Priming Protocol, or EPP. He also tells us he’s confident that going this route will result in a pregnancy. That’s positive I suppose.

I’m not 100% sure how EPP works, but when my next cycle starts I will start the Minulette pill for 21 days and from day 18 I will need to use Lucrin untill my next cycle starts. After that Estroderm patches and Gonal F. So basically we’re only starting the actual IVF process again in April. 

I am slightly disappointed as I was really hoping to do the actual transfer this month.

I guess everything happens for a reason, but that does not make it any easier.

I am sad that we couldn’t go through with it this time, but rather now than later when, we realize that abandoning the cycle is what we should have done in the first place would it not have been a success. 

infertility quote

infertility quote 2

Second Scan

After injecting myself with Menopur for 5 days, it’s time for scan number 2.

The injections aren’t as bad as I expected, but I still don’t like needles.

Dr Volschenk scans me and tells me I need to increase my dose of Menopur for today, Wednesday, and Thursday and come back for another scan and blood test on Friday.

I have the blood test done and go back to the IVF program coordinator. I am due to take the Intralipid drip today, but they chose to postpone to Friday.

My follicles have not grown as much as they should have and I’m not reacting that well to the Menopur.

I’m scheduled to go back on Friday, 21st February to see where we stand.

Once they scan me, and the blood tests are done, they will decide if we are going to continue this cycle of IVF.

I’m nervous and really trying not to stress too much, but we all know it’s easier said than done…

Officially starting IVF

My cycle started on the 12th February, meaning that my first scan would be on the 13th February.

Went for a scan on the 13th and had blood tests done. The nurses advised that my E2 and progesterone levels were a little high, and i should delay taking the medication for a day.

We are excited to be starting this journey on Valentine’s Day.

2 (1)

My hubby’s Birthday food

It’s my hubby’s 30th birthday on the 2nd February, so I make him a delicious breakfast. Have not bought him a gift yet – he is so indecisive and can’t for the life of him decide what he wants.

Anyhow, breakfast is served and I a yummy toasted English muffin with scrambled eggs topped with smoked trout, cream cheese and chives. Delicious indeed.

2014-02-02 08.04.38

His mother takes us out to lunch at Signature in Morningside, and I order the duck breast on polenta and fennel. We have been there before, and it’s a great restaurant for a fine dining experience, don’t get me wrong, but I must say I was a little disappointed in the quality and taste compared to the last time we were there. Not bad, but it could have been better.2014-02-02 13.54.52   2014-02-02 14.36.31

December 2013 – Finally Holiday time!

The year is finally over, and what a year it was. My grandmother in Germany passed away at the age of 90, I had two operations within 30 days, spent 22 days in hospital and had a crazy busy year at work. The best things that happened last year was getting our puppy Lilo, and my niece being born. 

I deserve a holiday!

December started with an impromptu visit to Pietermaritzburg to celebrate my hubby’s gran’s birthday.

We took a drive to Hilton in the Midlands. WOW. Absolutely incredible. It was misty and raining – just beautiful driving through the beautiful Midlands.

2013-12-07 18.20.40  2013-12-07 17.36.23

It was also the weekend that Madiba passed away, so we made a turn past The Capture Sight in Howick. It was incredible how many people had come to pay their respects and lay flowers.

2013-12-08 14.36.53  2013-12-08 14.30.12

Christmas with the family was so much fun as usual. My brother, his girlfriend and of course little Annabelle spent Christmas with us at my parents’ house. It was Annabelle’s first Christmas. Watching her open her presents was so cute! 

2013-12-25 06.06.07

This year we decided to drive to Cape Town instead of flying. 

We took Lilo, our Boston Terrier with so that we can take her to the beach. It was hilarious watching her run like crazy in the dunes and splash in the waves. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

2013-12-29 09.24.34 2014-01-05 10.38.09

Wine tasting in Franschhoek was incredible! Boschendal is amongst my favourite wines, so being able to go wine tasting at the Boschendal Wine Farm was great!

Delaire Graaf Estate was a very fancy experience, expensive wines but definitely an experience I’d suggest.

2014-01-06 15.18.17  2014-01-06 17.03.25 

New Years was spent at the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel street party. Was an enjoyable event with lots of champagne going around 😉

 2014-01-01 00.14.35  IMG-20140102-WA0000

Before we knew it, our holiday was over and we were heading back to Johannesburg and to start work for 2014.

We decided to rather start the IVF rather in February, so that we can spend January detoxing and adjusting our diet to more fertility friendly foods.

The road to recovery

I had various follow up appointments with both my colorectal surgeon and the fertility specialist who were both very happy with how I have healed.

The colorectal surgeon tells me he doesn’t want to see me again because of all the grey hairs I gave him. Suits me just fine 🙂

My fertility specialist wants to start in October with IVF already, but we’re not financially ready yet, so we decide to defer until January 2014.