We’re taking a break

After our appointment with the social worked to discuss egg donation, we decided to take a break for the rest of the year.

Get my system clean from all these IVF meds as well as just taking a break mentally.

It has not been a fun first part of 2014. First with the cancelled IVF cycle due to poor response, then the failed IVF after being on the strongest protocol there is.

Having gained so much weight since the two operations last year, and not really doing anything to get back into shape (I was also lazy – I thought there’s no point in losing weight now, if I’m going to be pregnant in a few months in any case – boy was I wrong), I have decided to get back into shape.

I’m really not feeling comfortable in my body right now and haven’t for a while, so I have set a target to lose 10kg by monitoring my portions and getting more active. I hate diets, and frankly don’t believe in them; the weight is bound to return sooner or later when you return to your normal eating habits after reaching your goal weight.

I just need to stay motivated. That will be the difficult part.

Hubby and I have also decided to enjoy our time to ourselves for the rest of the year. Our two year wedding anniversary is coming up, as is his cousin’s wedding, so we’re making a long weekend out of it as an early anniversary getaway.

Am certainly looking forward to that.

It’s great not constantly stressing about having to inject at certain times, being moody, my eggs, a positive hpt etc. Yes I’m still sad that I will never have my own genetic baby, but I need time to grieve this “loss” before we take the next step. If I am ready by the end of the year, then that’s great, if not, we’ll take more time. Point is, I need to be ready and 110% comfortable with this huge decision before we take this massive step.

I’m going to try enjoy the time not ttc for the rest of this year and focus my time and energy on me.

I will still blog about general things as well as any new developments regarding the egg donation and our new ttc journey.


December 2013 – Finally Holiday time!

The year is finally over, and what a year it was. My grandmother in Germany passed away at the age of 90, I had two operations within 30 days, spent 22 days in hospital and had a crazy busy year at work. The best things that happened last year was getting our puppy Lilo, and my niece being born. 

I deserve a holiday!

December started with an impromptu visit to Pietermaritzburg to celebrate my hubby’s gran’s birthday.

We took a drive to Hilton in the Midlands. WOW. Absolutely incredible. It was misty and raining – just beautiful driving through the beautiful Midlands.

2013-12-07 18.20.40  2013-12-07 17.36.23

It was also the weekend that Madiba passed away, so we made a turn past The Capture Sight in Howick. It was incredible how many people had come to pay their respects and lay flowers.

2013-12-08 14.36.53  2013-12-08 14.30.12

Christmas with the family was so much fun as usual. My brother, his girlfriend and of course little Annabelle spent Christmas with us at my parents’ house. It was Annabelle’s first Christmas. Watching her open her presents was so cute! 

2013-12-25 06.06.07

This year we decided to drive to Cape Town instead of flying. 

We took Lilo, our Boston Terrier with so that we can take her to the beach. It was hilarious watching her run like crazy in the dunes and splash in the waves. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

2013-12-29 09.24.34 2014-01-05 10.38.09

Wine tasting in Franschhoek was incredible! Boschendal is amongst my favourite wines, so being able to go wine tasting at the Boschendal Wine Farm was great!

Delaire Graaf Estate was a very fancy experience, expensive wines but definitely an experience I’d suggest.

2014-01-06 15.18.17  2014-01-06 17.03.25 

New Years was spent at the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel street party. Was an enjoyable event with lots of champagne going around 😉

 2014-01-01 00.14.35  IMG-20140102-WA0000

Before we knew it, our holiday was over and we were heading back to Johannesburg and to start work for 2014.

We decided to rather start the IVF rather in February, so that we can spend January detoxing and adjusting our diet to more fertility friendly foods.

6th April 2013

Who can forget the We Are One Colour Fest at Emmarentia Dam?

IMG_20130408_082741 IMG_20130408_091712 IMG_20130407_073326 IMG_20130407_082917

I was too late to purchase my own tickets, but was luckily able to purchase my boss’s tickets as he was unable to go.

At the beginning we were clean and dressed in white. That soon changed to a colourful mixture or pink, yellow, orange, blue and green, which later turned into a brown mess. I have never been happier to see my shower!

Apart from that it was fun. A hot day in Joburg spent outdoors listening to good electronic music.