From 3 day transfer to two week wait to failed IVF

When we got the phone call that only one egg had fertilised, I was already a little bit disappointed.

We were scheduled to go in on Saturday 10th May, which also happens to be my little niece’s 1st birthday. We thought this could be a lucky charm.

Transfer went smooth, just a little pain at first during the procedure, but afterwards all was fine.

We were very happy and left the theater with a huge smile J

The two week wait was the hardest. Constantly looking up symptoms for that specific day past transfer hoping (maybe even imagining) symptoms described are similar to mine.

I also had the most stressful two weeks at work, which was not great, because during the tww you’re supposed to relax and not stress.

I took a home pregnancy test on Thursday morning, the 22nd May, which was negative. I know that hpt’s aren’t always accurate, so still had a little hope that when we do the blood test we might get a bfp.

AF appeared the same afternoon, very lightly at first, thought it was spotting. I kind of knew then already that it would not take, but didn’t want to admit it to myself.

Doing some research again, I thought it could be a late implanter and still had hope that it could be one.

Saturday the 24th was our blood test.

It came back negative. We are so broken at this news because we really hoped that it would take.

I still tear up at the thought of it and any messages of support that come through. It’s so difficult.

This is kind of the second time it failed – our first cycle was cancelled due to poor response, then we changed to E2 priming, and went through the entire procedure and got a bfn.

Our follow up appointment with our fertility specialist is on the 18th June.

We will see from there what the next step will be.




All you need is one good egg

So unfortunately only one of the three possibly fertilized eggs made it. Embryo Transfer is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I’m a bit sad as I had hoped we would be able to transfer two, and possibly have twins at the end of this.

Oh well, my Fertility Specialist said to me while we were planning the E2 priming that all we need is one good egg, and I’ll be pregnant.

Here’s hoping and praying that is true.

Hubby is also saying one egg will do. Trying to cheer me up.

Thing is, twins would have been perfect! Kill two birds with one stone, you know? 😉

I just need to stay positive, and hope that this one little embryo attaches.

We made it to the egg retrieval!

We have finally made it to the egg retrieval. We’re beyond exited as we previously did not make it this far.

I responded really well to the E2 Priming Protocol so the ER was scheduled for Wednesday, 7th May.

I was under general anesthetic, so did not feel a thing. The pain afterwards felt more like period pain, but nothing too severe.

I work up to my hubby smiling at me and a sticker on my hand saying 5 eggs were collected. Very happy with this number!

eggs collected


On Thursday morning the laboratory informed me that four of the five eggs were mature enough to fertilize.

She also said that it looked like possibly 3 may be fertilized, but she cannot say for certain.

Will have to wait for a more detailed update the following day.

Fingers Crossed that all 3 make it!