Back on the road to IVF

I have been a bit quiet for the last 6 weeks, but nothing much to report as I was on the pill as the first part of the E2 Priming Protocol.

I went back to Vitalab for a scan last week, and everything looks good to go to proceed.

On Tuesday I started with Lucrin injections, and already I feel more emotional 😦



Hubby and I have decided that being in the middle of scans, injections etc, we’ll have to cancel our Easter weekend away unfortunately. Also, should I get Malaria for any reason, this process will be delayed by at least 6 months, which is not ideal as we need to deal with my infertility aggressively.

We did however spend an amazing weekend in Cape Town for a friend’s wedding at the beautiful wine farm called Rickety Bridge. What a lovely wedding and couple!




Anyways, back to reality and need to get all meds in and hopefully doing the E2 Priming Protocol will get me to respond better.

If all goes well, the transfer will happen between the 3rd and 5th May.

Holding Thumbs!




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