Second Scan

After injecting myself with Menopur for 5 days, it’s time for scan number 2.

The injections aren’t as bad as I expected, but I still don’t like needles.

Dr Volschenk scans me and tells me I need to increase my dose of Menopur for today, Wednesday, and Thursday and come back for another scan and blood test on Friday.

I have the blood test done and go back to the IVF program coordinator. I am due to take the Intralipid drip today, but they chose to postpone to Friday.

My follicles have not grown as much as they should have and I’m not reacting that well to the Menopur.

I’m scheduled to go back on Friday, 21st February to see where we stand.

Once they scan me, and the blood tests are done, they will decide if we are going to continue this cycle of IVF.

I’m nervous and really trying not to stress too much, but we all know it’s easier said than done…


3 thoughts on “Second Scan

  1. Best of luck with your second scan. I hope you get to go through with IVF this cycle. I completely get the being nervous, but like you said it’s WAY easier said than done not to stress during this awful journey.

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