My stay in hospital

6th June 2013

The surgeon tells me that I lost a lot of blood during the operation and that I might need a transfusion. He explains that they had to remove the 7cm cyst on my left ovary, most of my left ovary, 7cm of my colon and cleaned up the rest of the cysts.

7 – 19 June 2013

Many ups and downs during my stay in hospital, including a leaking colon, the nurses not reattaching the drain properly and getting infections before I was finally released to go home on the 21st June.

I can’t even remember how many needles I had stuck in me during that entire period. My veins had basically disappeared, and the one time they poked me 3 times before they could eventually find a vein.

2013-06-07 15.16.17

My husband brought me my wedding ring to hospital. Was really sweet of him. 2013-06-10 10.13.30

I was lucky enough to have my mother, my in laws, my husband, my dad and friends visit me in hospital  . Would not have been able to get through this without them.  2013-06-09 15.31.01

I’m glad this is over.


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