5th June 2013 – The day of the op

The day of the operation has arrived. The more I talk to the nursing staff the more nervous I’m getting. The anesthetist tells me that there’s a chance they need to remove my colon and give me a bag while the colon heals. Not the news I want to hear.

The nurse preparing my paperwork tells me that if I need a bag, I’ll come out of the operating room, be moved to ICU for a day or two and then into the normal ward.

I’m so scared and am praying that I don’t need a bag.

I finally go into the OR and I completely break down before my operation starts.

When I come to, the first thing I ask the anesthetist is if I have a bag. She says no, and already I’m relieved.

Family and friends come to visit me which I can barely remember because I’m so out of it from all the medication.

The one person who I wanted to see the most is my dad, who was unfortunately away on a business trip for the week.


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