22nd April – First appointment with the fertility specialist

22nd April 2013.

The day of my appointment has come. I am nervous about what the doctor has to say.

My husband and I go to the appointment together. Even though right now we are rather seeing him for endometriosis rather than fertility treatment, my husband is my moral support system.

We meet Dr Gobetz, who talks us through the letter my gynae has asked me to give him.

I immediately feel at ease with Dr Gobetz, he is funny and makes me feel comfortable.

After he has examined me he talks us through his observations and diagnosis.

I have a huge 7cm in diameter cyst on one of my ovaries, as well as endometriosis of the womb.

He needs to operate very soon. He also tells me he can’t imagine the pain I must be going through every month when I menstruate.

We set a date for the operation.


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