On the 4th January 2012, while on holiday in Cape Town, my husband asked me to marry him on the slopes of Table Mountain. It was such a special moment!


Planning the wedding was exciting, but there were many ups and downs, happiness and frustrations as with many engaged couples.

Our wedding date was set for Sunday the 26th August 2012 at the amazing Oakfield Farm.

We shared our special day with about 120 of our closest friends and family.

We had such an amazing day and I would not change a thing!


Our honeymoon was spent at Le Victoria Beachcomber Resort in Mauritius.

What a much needed break after the stress of wedding planning! I’m pretty sure that’s the reason for honeymoon – to get away and relax as a couple after dealing with all that stress!



2012 was an amazing year, we got engaged and married, and I changed jobs just after the wedding. I’m now doing something I love and makes me happy. Yes, it can be stressful and frustrating at times, as with any other job, but doing what you love and being in a happy work environment makes the world of a difference personally and professionally.

It was also the year that I got to see my favourite band, Linkin Park, live at FNB stadium with my bestie and my brother.


Oh, and just after returning from honeymoon, my brother announces that I’m going to be an aunt.

I’m happy for them, but at the same time, I can’t help but be sad. I think “why them”? They have only dated for a few months and were obviously not trying. It’s just not fair that it comes so easily to people who don’t want, plan or deserve children, but I need to struggle like this.

Anyways, I accept it and am really looking forward to meeting the little girl.


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