I have had endometriosis for a few years, which explained my horrible period pains. That time of the month was never a pleasant experience. I’d live off pain killers from start to end of my periods, which was normally anything between 5 – 8 days.

After a routine check-up and many painkillers later, my gynae referred me to a different gynae who would then perform the laparoscopy surgery on me.

I felt better afterwards, the period pain had subsided and the endometriosis was “gone”.

The gynae who performed the operation, put me on Depo Provera, the three month injection, to stop my periods, and to quieten the endometriosis.

After doing some research, I decided to leave the Depo Provera in order to give my body time to recover so that I can fall pregnant.

All in all I had only 3 x shots of the Depo Provera, having had my first shot in August 2010 after the operation and last shot in February 2011.

My husband and I were not married then, but we had still decided to try for a baby from the time I stopped the injection. I have not been taking any contraceptive since February 2011.

Every time my periods were late, I smiled, hoping that this time round I really will be pregnant, only to be disappointed and left hopeless. I had been tracking my periods and ovulation since the beginning of last year, so I kind of knew when my fertile period was as well as that my cycle was an average of 26 – 29 days.

Over the years the symptoms got worse and worse.

We found out that the endometriosis had become so bad that it caused IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I had such bad pains throughout the month and was always suffering from either stomach cramps, a runny tummy or constipation.

I was given new painkillers which had helped me with my stomach pains.

I was pretty much living off painkillers during my time of the month. Not fun and I wanted it to end.


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